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Although the field of kinesiology may be new to you, the science behind movement as medicine is not.

The primary role of a Kinesiologist is to evaluate physical activity, function & movement patterns to recommend and deliver solutions for health, exercise, sport, work and social settings. Kinesiologists most often work one-to-one with you in your community or a clinic environment to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.



Within the first three months after a car accident, ICBC will automatically approve 12 weeks of Active Rehabilitation care for you. If your accident is older than three months, let us know so we can ask ICBC directly for approval to start your rehabilitation! Ready for an assessment? Click below to learn about what information we require from you in order to begin … 

Functional Movement

The FMS screen is a 7-part movement pattern test that recognizes base movement patterns that support work, sports and daily activities. These seven fundamental patterns require mobility and stability. Therefore, by evaluating this test, the practitioner can identify any functional deficiencies or asymmetries and make programming decisions with precision. 

Golf Screening & Assessment

The practitioner will utilize Titleist Performance Institute’s physical assessment tool called the Body-Swing Connection™. The results of this assessment will reveal any physical limitations that might correlate to a player’s swing characteristics. With this information, your practitioner can create a golf fitness program to help recover and improve any areas needed!

Injury Recovery

If you have an injury or condition that is inhibiting your mobility, stability, strength or functional capabilities then it might be time to begin actively rehabilitating it. The science behind exercise as a benefical treatment method for musculoskeletal injuries or diseases (your muscles and joints) is widespread. Your practitioner will evaluate your active and passive range of motions, resisted muscular strength and functional movement patterns — or you may already have a diagnosis! Either way, your kinesiologist will work with you to educate you about your injury, the prognosis (recovery timeline) and create a customized rehabilitation program.

Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology tape is used to both prevent and treat injuries and pain. When applied correctly, RockTape causes a decompression force along the skin and tissue below. This application assists with pain, swelling, bruising and functional support. The goal is to help you increase your pain-free range of motion! Please inform us if you have any latex allergies prior to a Taping Appointment.

Personal Training

A personal trainer will work with you to help meet your healthy lifestyle goals — As a kinesiologist, your practitioner will use an evidence-informed approach acquired through post-secondary education. Assessment will be conducted according to CSEP-CPT guidelines and will inform the development of a personalized physical activity and fitness plan. We’re here to help you make your fitness goals a reality!

Victoria is a amazing kinesiologist and will really work with you to make sure you are recovering at a good pace. In these trying times Victoria has gone above and beyond to help their clients who are at home. The teleconference I had with her was great! Made me forget my worries for a bit seeing a friendly face, as she walked me through the exercises! So if you are wondering if you should do a teleconference for kinesiology I say yes! Give it a go! It’s fun and you get to keep making sure you are making progress and doing the right moves when at home. 

Michelle LICBC Client